Marketing the Advanced Salto Access Control Systems

Salto systems have developed great access control technologies that can be applied by different companies depending on their security and access control needs. Salto has a system that is self programmable and thus operates without the need to be controlled by a computer, another mid-range ROM system tailored for mid-level access control, and the SALTO access control system which is the highest in the rank and most advanced. It allows remote control of all door locks in the whole structure or a number of buildings from just one computer.

Self-Programmable Access Control

Ordinary locks usually have set keys that if lost or stolen have to be quickly replaced, driving up the cost and creating considerable inconvenience. However, if an administrator acquired the SALTO XS4 e-cylinder or e-lock system based on the RFID technology, then he would just have to log into the system, erase the keys, and issue a new set to those who have lost theirs. This would just take a few minutes, and save the company and clients a lot of time and money. This system is also scalable, and thus it can be upgraded to the ROM or Salto access control Virtual Network systems at any time, without the need to replace the doors.

ROM Access Control

If your organization wants better access control, then the SALTO XS4 RFID ROM is the system you require. This system is stand alone, very robust and saves a lot on cost. With this, there is no need for complex wiring or any change in the current mortise locks. It comes with a Pro Access ROM software which can be easily customized or tailored to fit the exact needs of your organization. Users and doors, user groups or access zones can be set up as need be. This technology allows for automated lock and unlock times once set, and is also scalable.

Salto access control picData on Card Access Control

Made for large buildings, this system ensures that users operate in a wire-free setting. The existing locks and doors thus remain in place, reducing the installation fees and time. Through the SALTO Virtual Network, you utilize the provision that enables you to control access to the whole building remotely, in real time. It utilizes ‘intelligent’ keys or smart cards which can be read and written to by the stand alone locks. There are hot spots which are positioned strategically around the building structure through which user data is uploaded or downloaded. This data is used to deny or allow access to certain parts of the building.

Wireless Real-time Access Control

SALTO Virtual Network (SVN) data on card systems were the very first access control systems to be developed that did not need any hard wiring at all. The real-time wireless systems allow a wide range of operations to be done from a central place just by the click of a mouse. One can thus monitor the network, download trail information, add and delete key cards remotely, in real-time. To set the pace for even better access control systems in the market, SALTO has developed a real-time wireless system that is powered through a battery. It is certainly a game changer that every company interested in security and access control should give consideration to.

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