Advertising Business Opportunities In Qatar

The Middle East is one of the places that are attractive for advertising businesses. This is as a result of the governments in the region opening up to the rest of the world. There are many advertising opportunities in Qatar that one can take advantage of. These opportunities are available for non-Qataris, but there are strict limitations to be met. As a foreigner, there are two ways in which one can start business in Qatar.

The first option is to set up operations in a free zone. Free zones are designated for foreign firms where they are able to conduct their business with limited restrictions from the government. Businesses in these zones are also able to avoid some costs incurred by businesses operating outside. The zones are grouped according to the nature of business to be conducted there. Similar activities are located in the same place.

Business Advertising in QatarThere are many free zones in the country. The government is in the process of developing a mixed zone for both small and medium sized businesses. This is designed to encourage small and medium level enterprises to be set up in the country and spur growth. There are no free zones for companies in finance and real estate sectors. However, they too can enjoy the benefits available to companies in the dedicated free zones.

One notable advantage of operating within free zones is that the companies can be wholly owned by a non-Qatari. Non-citizens owning businesses outside the free zones are not allowed to own their businesses wholly. Such firms are required to have the controlling interest owned by Qataris. Non-Qataris are allowed to own a maximum of 49 percent of such companies.

Businesses operating in free zones are not required to hire a specified quota of their workforce from Qatari nationals. Such firms are allowed to hire expatriates as long as they meet standard procedures set by the authorities. A firm interested in investing in Qatar should understand all the requirements regarding employment.

While operating in the free zones, companies are allowed tax free operations. They can also repatriate proceeds to their home countries. Duty free importation of goods and services related to the business is also allowed. Despite all these advantages, companies operating in the free zones pay higher leasing rates. It is important to evaluate the associated benefits and setbacks before deciding to invest in free zones.

Apart from the free zones, there are investment opportunities in other areas. The government has more control on businesses operating in these locations. All companies outside the free zones have their controlling shareholding in the hands of Qatar residents. For a business to be set outside the free zone, one has to seek a Qatari sponsor who will not have to contribute to the company in any way.

While advertising opportunities in Qatar may be attractive, one must be aware of the stringent rules that govern business activities. For businesses outside free zones, your Qatari sponsor ( has absolute power and control over it. The sponsor may terminate its operations without giving you any explanations.

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